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Trip Clear Rolling Papers 1-1/4"

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TRIP2 1 1/4 Clear Rolling Paper - 50-Leaf Single Booklet

TRIP2 rolling papers are the original clear rolling papers from Brazil and are the best selling clear rolling papers on the market.

TRIP2 Clear Mini 1 1/4 rolling papers are the latest generation of Trip rolling papers. Made of cellulose produced from Asiatic Cotton Mallow, these rolling papers are completely tree-free. These are thin and clear, and burn smooth and clean. These papers come ungummed.

These 100% natural papers burn slower and less harshly than other clear papers, which is why they remain so popular in the community. These are an exclusive product of HBI. If you want to try something that will totally blow away everyone around or just a great gift for any of your smoking buddies, try these today!

- 50 leaves per booklet.

- 24 booklets per box.

- Paper made with cellulose.

- Dimensions are 78mm x 45mm.

- Used with any 79mm rolling machine.