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Randy's Classic Wired Rolling Papers

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Picture this: you're smoking some fat "doobage," and it's your turn to hit the joint. When you pass it to your friend on the left: whoops!  It falls smack dab into your cat's litterbox. "Butterfingers," your friends yell, among some other colorful language. You have ruined the party as well as several lifelong friendships.

Or, let's say you successfully smoke it down to the roach.  There's still some precious herb left, but as soon as you inhale, it burns your fingers.  That's assuming you can even roll the joint in the first place.

These are some nightmare scenarios for any stoner.  There are several ways to avoid them: you could be less of an idiot, or you could use Randy's Wired Rolling Papers.

These old-school papers have a built-in wire spine to hold the joint together, make for easy passing, and allow you to smoke that roach all the way down to the bone.  They also drastically simplify the rolling process.

Randy's is committing to bringing old school tried and true smoking tools back to the forefront of the modern age, and these papers are no exception.

Who's Randy?  Who knows!  Whoever he is, he's got your back.