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VGOD SaltNic Cubano Silver EJuice 30ml

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When it comes to relaxation, cigars offer a unique method. While few people actually inhale the smoke from a cigar, most cigar smokers enjoy the distinct smells and flavors. VGOD is no stranger to creating top quality cigar flavors. With their wildly popular Cubano Black, a bold creamy cigar flavor, and their Cubanoa rich creamy cigar. VGOD Salt Nic now introduces Cubano Silver the middle ground between these two cigar flavors offers a very pleasant sugar and honey finish!

VGOD Salt Nic Cubano Silver meets Cubano Black and Cuban in a happy medium. The smooth creamy flavor we all have learned to love in the previous flavors remains while spicy tones and a honey finish complete this unique Tobacco Flavored Eliquid. VGOD Cubano Silver comes in a 70-30 VG/PG ratio giving the juice incredible flavor but still packing a good kick to the throat. Available in either 25mg or 50mg this juice can become an easy everyday vape. The 30ml Unicorn bottle creates extreme ease when filling up pod systems of all types! Get you relaxation on and get your bottle today!